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Icons down the drain

Icons down the drain
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This is sonnekinde's icon journal, to keep track of the icons I made and to spare the people on my friends list. The icons'll probably be of a variety of subjects, depending on what's on my mind at the moment.

All posts are and will remain public, but feel free to either join or watch this community if you like what you see.

The usual rules apply...

• Please comment! I love comments, they are what keep me going.

• Please credit if you use anything, either the community or my personal journal is fine. Don't know how?

• No hotlinking, save and upload to your own server.

• No altering, textless icons are not bases!

I'm changing the rules! I don't care what you do with these icons, the material I made them with (screencaps of movies and tv shows) isn't mine to begin with. I still like comments, though, and a note in the icon keywords about who made them will help other people find this journal. But do as you please!

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